Colour On The Doorstep

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Sometimes you only have to get up and draw back the curtains to appreciate autumn! Now seems to be when the Silver Birches are at their best and the predominant theme in my back garden and those of my near neighbours is YELLOW.

Although it’s a dull day with flat light, the power of the yellow on the brain is almost over-whelming. I prefer it when the Birches are a mixture of green and yellow, where the yellow seems to come through strongly. This has only occurred, locally, in the last three or four days. No doubt it will seem all too brief and the trees will become bare soon, but I’m trying to savour every moment!


My back garden in October


Sadly, I had to remove a lot of the creeper from the garage as it was in danger of invading my neighbour’s house and it encourages moss to grow on the garage roof. Centre bottom of the first photograph is a newly planted Crab-Apple tree. This replaces a mature Judas Tree which was diseased and I had to remove it two or three weeks ago. It was sad to see this go as it was the main feature of this part of the garden and provided some shade for the plants around it. However, the Crab-Apple is a variety called ‘Evereste’ which claims to be fast growing and the same shape and size (at maturity) as the Judas. Plus my wife has used the fruit for some delicious jelly. So here’s hoping……

The Silver Birch, dominant in the first image, is a self-seeded native tree. The one between my greenhouse and shed is a Betula utilis jacquemontii (Himalayan Birch) purchased from Hilliers’ Nurseries. It’s about twenty years old. For all you keen gardeners out there, my longer term plan is to create a woodland garden style with a mix of deciduous and evergreen and native and ornamental species. I have to be fairly considerate/neighbourly with the trees, as my property is very long (300ft) but only 44ft. wide. So there are lots of large, flowering shrubs in the mix too. The wildlife seems to love it. Lots of nesting and feeding birds and hedgehogs too. The rear faces west south west and the weather mostly comes from the south west/west. We’re about 150ft above sea level too….

And the best thing about these images was that they required no use of the car! So zero ‘photo miles’.

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