Kew Gardens’ Christmas Lights

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sled sculpture xmas lights

Sled sculpture at Kew Gardens

palm house xmas lights

What a way to spend a couple of hours on friday evening! A fantastic experience. Incredible lighting and music. The full size sled sculpture was a sight to behold as were a zillion other lights. But the piece de resistance had to be the light show over the lake using the massive Palm House as a giant projection screen. Even the mist from the fountain was used! All accompanied by great music. The scale and the majesty of the thing just blew us away…………and the fact that I was able to take photos had held at an ISO of 10,000 with my Nikon D750 was just the icing on the cake. Bravo Kew Gardens…

Now my greenhouse is 16′ x 8′ and 20 yds from the house and where the hell did I put that old slide projector?


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