Arrival Of The Bees

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Site hive

Yes, the hive arrived on Sunday morning at about 06.30. Nice and early, to get set up before the temperature rises, and recently it’s between exceeding 30C!!

Alan, the beekeeper, had selected this spot previously and left a wooden base ready for the hive to stand on.

Check on bees

He carefully checked on the bees (about 20,000 I believe) before he fitted a plastic feeding tray, with a sugar solution, to get them started.

set up hive

Muggins here, was armed with only a camera and no protective gear, so I daren’t get too close! Alan was stung twice despite precautions……

Watch bees depart

All that remained, after the hive was set up, was to watch the little darlings leave and check out the locality. They travel up to five miles from home. The foragers only average a five week life span!

I didn’t exactly count them out and then count them back in, in the evening, but they seem pretty settled already. I had thought about little t-shirts for the foragers to help with indentification in the garden, but eventually decided that laundry would be a challenge too great……………………..

As a serious aside, I read an article this week stating that 70% of plants from garden centres and diy stores in the UK have been treated with neo-nicotinoids/neotins. Come on governments, stop drinking from the Well Of Stupidity and ban these bee killers!!


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