Flower Power – Pink

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Botanical, Gardening, Nature, Photography

Pink Old-Fashioned Rose

Sorry its been a long time between posts, but things have been hectic!

Managed to get around to visiting some other people’s gardens in the last few days. Pink seemed to be the predominant colour in one old style garden with some lovely old-fashioned roses. I love the way they age, developing a whole repertoire of colours and textures. This image was processed with a matte film effect to try and give an aged look.

I said to my wife, while I was looking at all the old roses, that its a shame we can’t capture the perfume. Just superb! I’m afraid I’m one of those who believes that a good rose must have a perfume….Pink Hardy Geranium, Ann Folkard

Another pink flower that caught my eye was this Hardy Geranium. The variety is I believe ‘Ann Folkard’.

All shots were captured using a Nikon D750 and Sigma 105 Macro or Nikkor 24-120 and tweaked in Lightroom.


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