Month: June 2017

Arrival Of The Bees

Yes, the hive arrived on Sunday morning at about 06.30. Nice and early, to get set up before the temperature rises, and recently it’s between exceeding 30C!! Alan, the beekeeper, had selected this spot previously and left a wooden base ready for the hive to […]


Celebrating The Bee

I make no apology for cliched shots of bees. Without them we would be screwed. Period. As a keen gardener, I can’t begin to imagine a world without them. I certainly don’t want to! I can watch them, for ages, working the flowers. They pollinate […]


Flower Power – Pink

Sorry its been a long time between posts, but things have been hectic! Managed to get around to visiting some other people’s gardens in the last few days. Pink seemed to be the predominant colour in one old style garden with some lovely old-fashioned roses. […]

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