A Beautiful Bird On My Arm

Birds, Nature, People & Portraits, Photography

Peter with Eagle Owl

A birthday gift from my wife was a day of learning about and photographing raptors and ended with the opportunity to hold this beauty!

Not sure which was the more nerve-wracking, holding the Eagle Owl or allowing someone I didn’t know to use my camera!!

A cracking day….


8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bird On My Arm”

    • Fortunately, it wasn’t too heavy, as I have a weak left shoulder! But it was worth the discomfort. I mean the detail close-up was just overwhelming.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity – your close-up takes advantage of it so beautifully. That eye is brilliant, and I love seeing that amount of detail in the feathers. Interesting to see how large this owl is, too – yeesh!


    • It certainly was. The close up image is a crop from a full body portrait taken earlier in the day with a 70-200mm Sigma + 2x multiplier on my D750. I find their eyes mesmerising, but I guess rabbits don’t!! Unfortunately, because it was such a windy day the owl wasn’t flown.


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