Month: March 2017

The Kestrel & The Hawks

A couple of images following your kind comments about my previous post. This Red-Tailed Hawk was having a bit of an issue with a twig. A Harris Hawk swooping down out of a tree. The beautiful little female Kestrel above, was finding her  balance in a gusting […]

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A Beautiful Bird On My Arm

A birthday gift from my wife was a day of learning about and photographing raptors and ended with the opportunity to hold this beauty! Not sure which was the more nerve-wracking, holding the Eagle Owl or allowing someone I didn’t know to use my camera!! A […]


My Best Friend & Companion…

..has just had a double cataract operation to try and save his eyesight! So far so good, though not how I wanted to mark my sixtieth birthday. He developed glaucoma in his left eye on the day of my party and I’ve been worried sick ever […]

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