Desperate For Spring

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What with the bitterly cold easterly wind and flurries of snow, I am most definitely desperate for Spring to arrive!

In an attempt to kid myself it’s imminent, I’ve started  gardening indoors. There’s two varieties  of seed potatoes in one windowsill, sprouting. Red Duke Of York, first earlies, (pictured above) and Charlotte salad potatoes for later on in the season. These will go into large containers in my unheated greenhouse  in March.

In another windowsill I’m growing some sprouting seeds for human and reptile consumption. This photo is of Fenugreek seeds after just a few days. The lovely curry aroma is driving me crazy…. I’ve also got some Alfalfa, Rocket and Cress on the go too.

I suspect most of the sprouts will go to N0.4, the new addition to the family. He/she is a Horsefield Tortoise, currently no more than two inches across! I’m seriously tempted to join her under her/his heat lamp. Although native to the Mediterranean, this one is UK bred. They are very difficult to sex at this age, so we call it No.4 for now!

This photograph shows he/she sheltering in a box that formerly held three Kinder eggs. Gives you a sense of scale perhaps?

I think we can expect more tortoise images over time!!!!




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