A Winter’s Tale

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Nature, New Forest, Photography, Weather


Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Entirely due to the weather and the inertia of my Depression in winter. I was once likened to a grizzly bear, to my wife, by my then consultant. My wife agreed with the analogy! I like to believe they were both thinking about hibernation and not hair, smell, personal habits etc…….

Something you don’t see very often in the New Forest, a group of seemingly related ponies (based on appearance only). ‘Twas a cold winter’swind ruffling their tails and manes!


This is an HDR attempt of an area of the New Forest known as Half Moon Common, owned by The National Trust. Probably  the area nearest to my village, just a 10 or 15 minute drive away. It contains a good mix of tree species and has plenty of ponies and cattle grazing. It was the first time I have walked here in about 30 years!

Thank you for viewing and I hope you are all keeping well.


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