Month: February 2017

Life’s A Beach!

Amazing weather one morning at Lepe Country Park on the Hampshire coast. Lovely calm sea, warm sunshine with the Isle of Wight looming out of the mist…..magical. My little mate Reilly even paddled in the sea…..   Advertisements


Orchids at Kew

A few photos from a recent visit to the orchid house at Kew. Some stunning flowers but a bit too crowded for relaxed viewing. But you can’t have everything in life!


Desperate For Spring

What with the bitterly cold easterly wind and flurries of snow, I am most definitely desperate for Spring to arrive! In an attempt to kid myself it’s imminent, I’ve started  gardening indoors. There’s two varieties  of seed potatoes in one windowsill, sprouting. Red Duke Of York, […]

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A Winter’s Tale

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Entirely due to the weather and the inertia of my Depression in winter. I was once likened to a grizzly bear, to my wife, by my then consultant. My wife agreed with the analogy! I like to believe […]

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