Banishing The Winter Blues

Birds, Mindfulness, Nature, Photography

nuthatch marsh-tit-and-coal-tit

Little and very large!

Little and very large!

blondey 3-minatures

Yesterday was definitely one of those days when, despite the lack of daylight, despite the cold, I just had to get out into a natural environment or go mad! The New Forest seemed an obvious choice and I was disappointed!

Very, very few people and despite my concerns quite a bit of wild(fish) life! Saw some very cute miniature ponies grazing on the side of the road which I couldn’t resist. You could say they were the ‘mane’ event until I reached Cadman’s Pond….(GROAN).

I didn’t even need to leave the car park, as someone puts out food for the birds and there were Tits, Nuthatches, Chaffinches flying  back and forth like crazy. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven…I haven’t seen Marsh tits for many years! Fortunately, they seemed to tolerate my presence as long as I moved slowly and kept my distance. I’m reasonably pleased with the results as I was shooting at about 2000+ ISO with a Sigma 70-200mm lenses and 2x Multiplier all hand held. It was so gloomy, I was sure I was really pushing my luck trying to take photographs because I knew I would need to crop my images quite heavily. But the wonders of modern technology eh?

Best of all though, I was completely in the moment for a couple of hours. As I finished and climbed back into the car it began to rain. Perfectly timed too………………..

2 thoughts on “Banishing The Winter Blues”

  1. Sounds like the kind of day we all need, in regular doses. Our nuthatches and chickadees are so very similar – and fast moving! Glad you were able to stalk them patiently. 🙂


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