The Magic Of The Marshes

Birds, Nature, Photography


One of two Little Egrets I saw.

Brent Geese in flight 2

Dark-Bellied Brent Geese in flight

Thursday – Despite an early morning temperature of -7C I ventured down to Farlington Marshes on the Hampshire coast. Mercifully, there was barely a breath of wind, not a cloud in the sky and hundreds of birds waiting out the high tide. The surface of the sea was lovely and smooth and home to about 20 Shelducks.

The lagoon was still partly frozen, but nevertheless home to Bar-Tailed Godwits, Teal, Pintails, Redshank and Brent Geese, to name the majority. There were many Lapwing around too. Apparently, 2 or 3 Short-Eared Owls had been out and about earlier.

You couldn’t really hear the traffic on the M27 but you could hear the birds. It was a glorious place to be for a few hours. Beats Christmas shopping any time!




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