Up Close & Impersonal

Gardening, Macro, Photography

Decided to test out my new auto extension tubes and focussing rail today! Great fun, BUT you don’t half need a steady hand!

It’s great getting in real close. Fascinating. But trying to adjust focus is a real challenge. Trouble is I don’t have the steadiest hands at the best of times and as soon as I touch the controls everything tends to become a little blurry. So I just make incremental  adjustments and stand back to check the result on the camera screen. Thank goodness for the ability to zoom right in to check the sharpness!

It was good fun though, and I’m pleased with my first efforts. The first image is of a load of Phacelia seeds (easy to focus on) then some peas (smoother = trickier) and lastly the date on a two pound coin.

If any of you good people out there have any hints and tips for using these tubes I’d me grateful to you!

Should anyone be curious I used a Nikon D750 + Sigma 105mm macro lens plus the cheap n0n-Nikon tubes and a Neewer focussing rail. All supported by a tripod. The seeds were courtesy of Mother Nature and the coin H.M. Treasury……..all shot using natural sunlight. My favourite light source!


3 thoughts on “Up Close & Impersonal”

  1. The seeds grabbed me, too – what fascinating little seeds they are – good subject. I bet it was fun – I’ve never sued extension tubes, certainly not a focussing rail – I get too impatient, oh well.

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  2. They are fascinating little fellas. I’ve never seen seeds like them before. I must admit being indoors with a focusing rail is requiring a lot of patience! Not my nature but I’m working on it. Don’t think I could do it all the time….


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