The Fuchsia’s Bright

Botanical, Gardening, Nature, Photography


Well purple and mauve in this case! I’ve got a whole raft of Fuchsias still flowering. They didn’t even shed their leaves last winter due to the mild temperatures. Something I’ve never experienced before. This one is my favourite colour combination so it got centre stage during some still life experiments. The water droplets are genuine rain and not from a spray.fuchsia-with-texture-1This image was a simple still life shot against a plain white wall, edited in Lightroom and Analog Efex Pro from the Nik Collection. It’s the first time I’ve experimented with the latter and it certainly won’t be the last! I’d be grateful for any feedback!


4 thoughts on “The Fuchsia’s Bright”

  1. Beautiful indeed! I saw many Fuchsias still blooming in a botanical garden near here a few days ago – it was raining pretty steadily by the time I saw them so I didn’t photograph them, but I have before, and they’re not always so easy – I think both of the effects here are really, really nice – the first, with the super diffuse focus and creamy colors, and the second – you did well to restrain yourself! 😉 Sometimes the effects are too much, in my opinion, but not here – you balanced it all beautifully. Thanks for the follow, too – now I’m going to look around more.


    • Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I know what you mean about effects being overdone. I guess having learned my basics with film leads me to be ‘honest’ with my images.


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