Autumn Colours Are Here At Last!

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At last, the leaves have started to turn this week, here in southern Hampshire, and stunning they are too! The first image is of a large-leafed climber that cloaks our garage. The range of colours in these large leaves is amazing. Sadly they drop quite quickly after the first frosts, but so far so good. No frosts yet. climber-on-my-garage This superb tree sits in pride of place in the pond at Hillers’ Gardens. Timing with this beauty is everything as it changes colour quite suddenly.autumn-leaves-redwood-in-pond The gardens also have a stunning range of Hazels, many of which are quite small trees at present, making it nice and easy to photograph the leaves using a tripod.autumn-leaves-hazel This is one of many beautiful Maples brought to life by the autumn sunlight.autumn-leaves-1

7 thoughts on “Autumn Colours Are Here At Last!”

  1. I agree. Up until the weekend I wondered when autumn would arrive. Grass cutting is still necessary but the growth is slowing down considerably now. We’ve still got Fuschias flowering away as if it was summer.


  2. The last image in this post is just beautiful. It gives me the illusion that Autumn leaves are swirling around in figure 8s on the screen. I don’t know whether its my short-sightedness or just my imagination.


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