Dartmoor In The Final Hour Of The Day!

Dartmoor, Devon, Nature, Photography


Spent a couple of days camping on Dartmoor last week. It was a real spur of the moment decision. Sadly, I could only spare 3 nights, as I had to be home on Saturday! Managed to book into my favourite Camping & Caravanning Club site, Teign Valley, Barley Meadow. The weather was warm and dry and it was fantastic without the hordes of July & August. It was also my first visit with my Nikon, so I was really motivated to see how it performed compared with my Canon 60D, used on previous trips.

On the Wednesday evening it looked like there might be a good sunset, so I was off across the moor on a high! Although the sunset itself was a bit of a disappointment, the hour before was golden in many ways! The Moor seemed almost devoid of people apart from a nice German couple who seemed as keen as me on the ponies and Highland cattle…..

I always figure that you’ve found a peaceful location when, all you can hear, is the animals grazing………..

The camera? Oh it performed very well with the high contrast light.


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