Bluebells – Photography Cliche?

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The last two days are the first to have convinced me that Spring has truly sprung. So it was off to the nearest bluebell wood to check them out. It was good timing as some of them are starting to deteriorate. However, the majority are in prime condition, the birds were flitting about and singing, the sun was shining and it was WARM at last.

The frustration is in trying to capture the mood and feel of this environment in a two-dimensional image. The massive spread of our two eyes, the feel of the sun and the heady smell of the flowers, the birdsong,the sheer blueness of it all and the leaves bursting from every twig. So much to convey!

Of all the places to relax and be mindful of the here and now, this was the best of 2016, so far, and will take some beating!

I was a little concerned that this year’s show would be poor, after the very dry summer of last year. The bulbs need good moisture to produce the following year’s flowers.

Well, no worries there, they’re superb. Strong, tall and plump!

I could have stayed there all day & night………….

As for images of them being a bit of a cliché, I think not. It’s a brief sight/experience that moves me and I love being reminded of it throughout the rest of the year. To be frank, if I wasn’t photographing them I probably wouldn’t make the effort to visit those woods. Now that would be a  missed opportunity.

N.B. The articulating screen on my new camera was essential today. I made the right choice. Phew!


One thought on “Bluebells – Photography Cliche?”

  1. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if a subject is cliché as long as it means something to the artist/viewer and the photograph technically well done. Maybe that’s just me?


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