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It’s May Bank Holiday, unpromising weather and we have our grandson to entertain! Easily done, he loves visiting Milestones Museum, Basingstoke and I want to try out my new camera….

Yes, on Saturday I could be seen in London Camera Exchange, Civic Centre Southampton branch, trading in my Canon 60D & lenses for a gorgeous Nikon D750 + 24-120 G ED lens. Oh and some serious cash changed hands.

I savoured every moment of the transaction, remembering my first camera was a bakelite point and shoot, picked up at a Scouts’ Jumble Sale, with a back that leaked light! Digitally, I’ve had new or secondhand, a Fuji sub-one megapixel, a Pentax Optio 5mp, and two Panasonic Micro 4/3  cameras. You can imagine what a massive leap forward the 60D was! It felt good in the hand, was better than anything I’d used previously and way cheaper than the 70D that had just come onto the market as it’s replacement.

However, I’ve been yearning for something with much better dynamic range/low noise for some time now but had been uncertain about what I should select with a limited budget. Initially, it seemed obvious to go for another, better, Canon. I really wanted to stretch to a full-frame sensor and the only affordable option was a 6D. A quality camera, with a great dynamic range, but due for replacement anytime soon limited AF points and a fixed screen.

Then, by chance,  I discovered the existence of the Nikon D750, read some excellent reviews, noticed it has an articulating screen (which I would seriously miss as it’s great for close up and street work) noticed it was on special offer at LCE until 30 April –  PANIC!!………….well enough said.  I only had one full frame lens for my 60D anyway, so changing brands wans’t a massive issue.

Initial reactions?

Well it fits my hands beautifully. It seems only slightly bigger and heavier than my Canon.

I used the Canon for three years (only for stills never video as I’m not into video) so it had become quite intuitive. The button lay-out is different and there are a few more of them, but I am sure it will soon become very familiar. The best bit is that the DOF preview button is in a near perfect position unlike the Canon! Two scroll wheels is nice too.

The lens is a beauty and has restored my faith in kit lenses.

The most important thing is that the difference in quality is mind-blowing

So, how was it first time out?

Rather than being terrified of exceeding ISO 400 I was shooting handheld at ISO 3200 and delighted with the results. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had wandered around the museum with a massive grin on my face! Viewing my photos into Lightroom, I had to pinch myself to checked it wasn’t all a dream…………..

Three shots from the Milestones Museum, Basingstoke……….


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