Month: May 2016

Wheels & Spokes

Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve owned a tricycle or bicycle of some sort. Yes, really, I was born after the invention of the modern bicycle! I’ve always been fascinated by them too. I appreciate what you can do with them. For the same energy expenditure, […]


Bluebells – Photography Cliche?

The last two days are the first to have convinced me that Spring has truly sprung. So it was off to the nearest bluebell wood to check them out. It was good timing as some of them are starting to deteriorate. However, the majority are in prime […]

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Human Ingenuity

It’s May Bank Holiday, unpromising weather and we have our grandson to entertain! Easily done, he loves visiting Milestones Museum, Basingstoke and I want to try out my new camera…. Yes, on Saturday I could be seen in London Camera Exchange, Civic Centre Southampton branch, trading […]

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