Magnolia Heaven

Botanical, Gardening, Photography

A few images from a recent trip to Hilliers’ Gardens, nr Romsey, in Hampshire. Despite the title, which did describe the beauty of the Magnolias, I’ve managed to restrain my selection to just six images, including two of my favourite, Black Tulip.

Just to prove I’m not obsessed with Magnolias (yeah right Peter!), I’ve included three other images.

The small blue flowers were lovely but I could find no name label.

While photographing the drumstick Primulas, this marvellous insect appeared. I believe it’s a moth rather than a bee and I hadn’t seen one for years. Trying to catch it just right with a handheld 100mm macro lens was a bit of a challenge, as it flitted around from flower to flower!

Lastly an abstract of a lovely pink Camellia, of which there were a great number in flower.


3 thoughts on “Magnolia Heaven”

  1. ‘Black Tulip’ is my favourite magnolia too. I am envious of anyone with a big magnolia in their garden.


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