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A few images from a recent visit to Exeter, Devon. I always park by the Historic Quayside, which is great for wildfowl coming to be fed by the visitors, hence the goose and swan shots!

I then walk up into Cathedral Close to admire the Cathedral and other old buildings in the Close.

On this occasion, I then headed for the remains of Rougemont Castle which I hadn’t visited for a couple of years.

The photograph of Parliament Street is purely for interest. I used to love running down it as a child but decided to give it miss as I’m somewhat broader now and didn’t  want to damage my jacket.

I couldn’t resist a shot of the dental centre as the building seems to resemble a large blunt incisor?

That reminds me, I’m having root canal work done on Tuesday morning…………….!

These shots were taken on a little compact Canon SX610HS instead of my tried and trusted EOS 60D. I must confess I find it almost too small for my hands but, for £73 on eBay and only a couple of months old, it seems to be quite a capable little thing and very easy to carry in a pocket. I know I always have my iPhone with me, but this camera has an 18x zoom, image stabilisation and 20MP. I bought it a few weeks ago as a sort of back up and because it shoots HD video and I was acting as photographer at the wedding of a friend of my daughter.

Now that was a contrast to my usual subject matter and of course no pressure eh?

3 thoughts on “Exeter”

  1. What a lovely post! Hope root canal will be fixed without too much pain, eh, it can be not so pleasant! Support hugs! Wonderful shots!


    • Yes. This is phase two of the work. It takes about ONE HOUR per session. I was in so much pain before having it done, it’s definitely worth the effort!

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