A Springlike Day

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A gorgeous day on Saturday! Sunshine and no wind. Felt good myself as well.

So, clutching my camera gear, it was off to Hilliers’ Gardens to see what was around. With just over a week until Spring, I felt quietly optimistic. The first pleasant surprise was the low number of visitors. A quick coffee and bun fuelled me for a few hours of walking and photographing. Pretty much from the off I felt completely in the zone. No distractions got threw to my thoughts, it was just me, nature and a viewfinder!

It felt great to stretch my legs and the whole place had the feel of imminent Springtime. Everything I did felt rewarding and fun. There were no technical challenges. Gone was my inability to concentrate or think about what I was really seeing, together with what I wanted to capture. I was entirely in the flow!

When I felt that I had had enough, it was back to the car for the short drive home. I felt very much like a person who has achieved what he set out to do, even though I had yet to review my images. When I came to import my images into Lightroom, I could not believe how many there were. I hadn’t gone berserk in any way, I had simply been quietly productive. I was content. I had enjoyed a few hours one moment at a time…….

I’ve selected just a handful of my photographs. All comments are gratefully received.

Witch Hazel Flowers

I’m amazed something as delicate and fragrant as Witch Hazel can flower in winter.

Purple Crocus

I’ve always felt that crocuses look best up close.

Old Rose Hips

Couldn’t resist the texture of these shrivelled rose hips.

Magnolia Bud Bursting

Magnolias are one of my favourites. These bursting furry buds are full of promise of the flowers to come.

Last Year's Hydrangea LeafLast Year's Hydrangea Flowers

Even decay can be beautiful with these Hydrangea flowers and leaves…

Large Fir Cone

Yet more texture and a nice large and undamaged cone.

Grey Lichen On Twig

Lichen. This grey one always reminds me of coral.

Celandines 2

Celandines – true harbingers of Spring.

B&W Ivy

Ivy and bark. Always a good look….

B&W Alder Cones

More texture again, with a bunch of Alder cones.



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