Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Devon, History, Photography

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Exeter 1969

The Mission Of The Transparency Scan continues unabated!

This photograph is one of my oldest. I believe it was taken in 1969, in Exeter, Devon.

I was twelve and armed with my unbranded instamatic type camera, I managed to sneak between a constable and a crowd barrier to get this shot. Considering the lack of light, slow film or controls of any type on my camera, I’ve always been somewhat proud of my efforts! Not bad for a plastic camera that was free with cereal packet tokens…

I remember Her Majesty looking directly at me, probably thinking I was going under the wheels of the car. The constable and my mother weren’t too thrilled either!

Scanning it was a major challenge. The film is a Kodachrome 25 in 126 format, which is square, whereas my scanner is designed to scan 35mm dimensions only! This means some minor cropping has to occur, but given the quality of the image, it doesn’t matter.

Her Majesty may have been travelling on to Plymouth to review the Royal Naval Fleet.

Now I feel old…….




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