The Tail End Of Winter

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Birds, Nature, Photography, Weather
Long-Tailed Tit

Long-Tailed Tit

This image was shot, as a transparency, a long time ago!

Having retrieved from my loft a box containing hundreds of transparencies, some taken over 30 years ago, I’m now in the process of scanning most of them onto my iMac. Although slow and laborious, it’s proving to be a fantastic reminder of many happy memories! Many of the images are not of the greatest quality due to using cheap kit & materials and I’m sure decades of storage hasn’t helped either. I probably shot more transparencies than negatives! This was due to the relative costs involved plus I loved the saturated colours of slides and the projection of images onto a large screen was very satisfying.

With hindsight, some form of indexing would have been useful to remind me of dates and places. With this long-tailed tit, I’ve no idea when and where it was taken. But does it matter? Not really. I’ve always loved watching them.

After scanning this shot into Lightroom, I simply experimented with some presets I’ve acquired over time. Since it was quite grainy anyway, I’ve merely enhanced that quality to emphasise the wintery feel and the delicate nature of the bird.




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