Depressing Weather

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A big dollop of images today, as the weather and shorter days are starting to get to me. Despite all the lovely autumn colours of the least few weeks, I’m writing this next to my daylight simulation lightbox, while the rain trickles down the window next to me!

So, not being one to mope, I decided to cheer myself up (and you too, I hope) by looking back at some summer botanical images and recalling the great weather in which they were created. Many emanate from trips to Kew Gardens in London.

The first picture is of this beautiful water lily. I’ve only ever seen one this colour at Kew. I was almost tempted to whip off my shoes and socks to wade out into the pond and get the composition I wanted. I had to wait about 15 minutes for the condensation to stop forming on my camera.

Stunning blue pond lily at Kew This is one of many stunning cacti in the cactus house. I love cacti as house plants because they can take the full sun (happens sometimes) in our rear facing windowsills.spotlit cactus 2 A poppy bud. So full of the promise of impending beauty!Poppy bud A carpet of leaves with this ground cover plant.Pink & green leaves at Kew I’m a big fan of peonies as well. Once established in the garden they can provide years of pleasure and have massive flowers.Peony at Kew One of many beauties in the Orchid House.Orchid 2 at Kew orange poppies Misty tulips at Kew Dreamy foliage at Kew Dreamy fern at Kew I would love to be in the rainforest photographing Bromeliads with tiny tree frogs in them.Bromeliad at Kew

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