Last Days

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Dartmoor, Devon, Nature, Photography, River

I must confess to not being a fan of last days of holidays. Today, my mind was filled by two thoughts:

What should I do today so that I have no regrets about lost opportunities?

The weather is good now, I want to stay a bit longer.

Therefore, my decision was that the day should be spent along the banks of the River Teign, from Fingle Bridge.

This walk has never failed to be uplifting and enjoyable. I always find myself completely immersed in my natural environment. Mindfulness is almost guaranteed.

The woods run below the National Trust property of Castle Drogo and are undergoing significant path enhancement etc. the proximity and magic of this location are the only reasons why I stay at this campsite!

An additional and surprising feature, on this occasion, was the inclusion of some stunning large format prints suspended from/amongst the trees! Brilliant idea.

The weather stayed glorious and I sat back that evening feeling completely satisfied and ready to return home………

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