A Church With A View

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First stop yesterday was the Church of St. Michael de Rupe, Brentor. Seen from miles around, up on it’s rocky peak, it is a testament to those who built it. Much to my amazement (when I visited it for the first time last year) it is a fully functioning church. This was invaluable as the rain came whipping across the moor within minutes of me reaching the top!

This year I will NOT be deleting all my photos by mistake.

The first shot here was taken with my iPhone 6 using the native camera and then editing in the Mextures app. 
The indoor image below was taken using the native camera only.

 I have loads of photos on an SD card, but won’t be able to post them until next weekend.

My next destination was Lydford Gorge, just a few miles away and one of my favourite places in Britain.

Not withstanding some torrential rain, initially, it was an uplifting experience and good exercise, as always.

The main downside to the weather was the lack of light. It’ll be interesting to see my SLR photos on screen and see how noisy they are. The first image here is of the Devil’s Cauldron. Sorry about the blown highlights but the dynamic range was massive! Plenty of water too thanks to the recent weather.




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