Swanning Around Exeter

Birds, Buildings, Canals, History, Photography

The weather led me to visit Exeter today. As always, I parked near to the old quayside. For anyone old enough to remember the old BBC drama series,The Onedin Line, this is where the quayside scenes were filmed.  Years ago, there was a Maritime Museum here with some great exhibits, including one of Thor Heyerdahl’s boats!

However, in more recent years significant redevelopment has added small apartment blocks, shops & cafes. It’s also home to cycle and canoe hire options plus I believe there’s even an indoor climbing wall.

A few years ago, I cycled down the canal to Exminster and crossed the estuary by ferry to Topsham to complete a loop. A great experience.

As you can see from the first photo, the local bird life has adapted to this as a popular feeding spot! This shot was on my return leg. On the walk into the city centre I counted 41 swans! As I reached the far right hand side of this shot 5 swans flew past to join the feast. They truly are a wonder to see and hear in flight, close up.

This mural is different to what was here last year. Inside the underpass, there are swans on one side and a dragon boat racing  on the other.

This image of Old Mol’s Coffee House is taken with the Cathedral to my right. The church attached to it is also extremely old. Sadly, the Second World War bombing saw the guts ripped out of the city and only a few old buildings remain. Old Mol’s has fascinating history.


As always, thanks for looking.


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