A Rent In My Tent

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So here I am on Dartmoor for a week of photography, walking and sketching. Car journey was 133 miles of reasonable traffic levels with no delays!

Fantastic welcome back from site owners, nice pitch ….everything going swimmingly with tent pegs going into moist ground a treat.


A rent in my tent. Don’t know what happened or why but there was this large triangular hole. Total length of about 60cm. Fortunately, I packed some bodge it tape for just this sort of problems. Allegedly it sticks to ALMOST every surface. Well it wasn’t too excited on contact with my flysheet. However, with determined pressure and tape on both sides I managed a crude fix which should last the week. Showers are forecast, but no solid rain.

I’m popping into Exeter tomorrow so will pick up some materials to use as a Plan B if required, or for a neater more permanent repair once I’m back home.

Followers of my blog may recall that I lost all my Dartmoor photos from last summer due to operator error! That won’t be happening this time round….

A short journey to Okehampton and back, this evening, revealed some fine views of  the high moor and lush valleys. Beautiful.

So what’s a rent in my tent worth? A few quid. Maybe. At worst, a brief heart stopping moment.

What’s it worth being here, living in the moment? Priceless…….

Am I determined to have a great time walking in and creating images of this wonderful landscape? Oh yes!

As always, thanks for visiting.


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