A Tudor Marvel

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Visited The Vyne nr Basingstoke, Hampshire yesterday. Always best viewed on a bright day as the interior is heavily protected from UV light. http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/vyne/

Stunning grounds were very popular due to the great weather, with timed tickets for the house. I always love seeing the Camera Obscura in use, but it has to be on a bright day to see anything, really. It was amazing to contemplate how we have moved from this invention to the digital camera I used to take these pictures.

I’m quite pleased with the images from the interior using only available light (flash is banned), simply relying on the kit lens, high ISO and a steadier than usual hand!

Painting from 1579, The VyneCamera Obscura, The Vyne

Image inside a Camera Obscura, The Vyne

The Vyne, Hampshire, frontal The Vyne, Hampshire-3

Book maintenance, The Vyne

Volunteer checking all the books in the property! This gentleman was telling me how silverfish love to nibble leather book covers. The humidity is carefully kept nice and low to discourage them.

The volunteers, who act as guides in each room, can relate some fascinating pieces of history. Apparently, lap dogs were popular in Tudor times to lure the fleas off humans. Oh yes. Then the animal was removed outdoors, each day, to be thoroughly de-flead  by a servant. Way to go!

Cleaning & restoration work used to be carried out in the late autumn and winter, when the properties were closed to the public. Now however, due to year long opening, this work must be done often while the property is open, with many properties having maximum limits on footfall, to manage wear and tear. Light & humidity can wreak havoc.

Gorgeous cabinet, The Vyne

Stained glass window

An almost Wedgwood-like staircase

The Vyne-36 The Vyne-18It was only a few years ago that there was a blanket ban on indoor photography for security reasons. It felt almost ‘naughty’ to be taking shots today!


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