Hive Of Activity At Hinton Ampner

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Had an enjoyable and photographically productive Saturday at the National Trust property of Hinton Ampner.

Hinton Ampner sheep & parklandJust through the main gates, I was presented with a quintisentially English, stately home scene. Sheep in a landscaped parkland.

Fortunately, I was carrying my wide-angle zoom with me, even though my main aim of the day was  botanical images.

What had started as a fairly sunny day became dominated by ever darkening clouds. Fortunately, I managed to get stuck in working my way around the walled garden. It was almost impossible to find attractive flowers WITHOUT a plethora of bees. It was truly amazing and encouraging at the same time. I’m quite pleased with the results considering I was working handheld with my Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens AND my hands were feeling a little shaky!

Bumblebee with pollen on yellow flowerhistorical and current beehives at Hinton Ampner

The shot above includes a very old fashioned woven hive, which appeared unoccupied, with two modern examples – occupied – to the rear.

Ehtereal japanese anemone

I love these perennial japanese anemones or Windflowers (var. Honorine Jobert). I’ve deliberately edited this image to give it the ethereal feel I always experience when I look at them. They are so easy to grow. After a couple of years of nurturing, to get them well established, they will form a superb clump that will give you please for years! Sun, partial shade or shade, with little support and adequate moisture (not a desert nor a bog) an annual feed and you’re onto a winner!

Bumblebee on Echinops flower

Luckily for me, these Echinops flowers had grown a little shorter than my own clump at home, enabling me to level with the flowers.Buddleia davidii Burgundy with potting shedI couldn’t believe that this Buddleia davidii  (var. possibly Royal Red) wasn’t smothered in butterflies. Or maybe I was just hoping? I keep meaning to buy this variety to add to my garden. I’ve got some lovely blue and mauve varieties but not a rich purple like this. I don’t go for the white ones, as I feel that although they look great when first in bloom, as soon as some of the flowers turn brown, then the whole panicle looks like its going rusty!
Bee on Echinacea

Echinaceas (coneflowers) are another favourite of mine. I can only try and imagine how they look growing wild in North America! If any of my viewers can post photos to show me, I’d be really interested to see….Although it looks like the bee is leaping from one cone to another it was merely crawling.

stained glass window of chapel Hinton Ampner

Thought this stained glass window, in the family chapel, was surrounded with some lovely flint work. Cutting (or knapping) the flints to obtain such a flush finish is a real skill, not to mention hard work. Locally, flint is nicknamed the Hampshire Diamond!

Well, I hope you like the pictures. I’ve selected these few from 335 I took on the day! I was wrecked from so much concentration………………though they do do a nice cream tea …………………


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