Fun With Photo Apps

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Those of you kind enough to visit my work will notice that I’m not naturally one for messing about with my images. Lightroom is about as far as my RAW images tend to travel.

Occasionally however, I do like to explore a few iPhone Apps to see what’s out there and have a little fun. Again I prefer the less wacky. My favourite is Hipstamatic. I love the range of lens and film options available. As is so often the case, LESS IS MORE. Acquire too many combinations and its hard to remember what’s what and the differences start to become less apparent.

A couple of Apps, new to me, are first Tangled FX. To begin with it struck me as quite bizarre and a little pointless. But as is so often the case with these things, getting stuck in is the best way forward. I soon discovered that, while the effects could seem completely over-powering, careful adjustment with the ‘how much’ slider allow for greater control and sublety. Certainly I had enough control to achieve the feel I wanted with the three images below….

Tangled FX 2.1 (26 Jul 2015 16:41:14)

Tangled FX 2.1 (26 Jul 2015 16:41:14)
“Custom” preset

Tangled FX 2.1 (7 Aug 2015 16:05:39) Small Details preset

Tangled FX 2.1 (7 Aug 2015 16:05:39)
Small Details preset

Tangled FX 2.1 (7 Aug 2015 16:36:17)

Tangled FX 2.1 (7 Aug 2015 16:36:17)
“Custom” preset

Tangled in Tangled FX

I’ve had this second app, Distressed FX, for some time but never really explored it in any great depth – not so now! To me, it’s similar to many apps in that it offers many lighting/colour presets and textures. There are some nice effects and they can be adjusted with sliders to suit. There is also an overlay with a choice of patterns of birds in flight. The App comes with a limited choice of ‘birds’ with others available for purchase.

This simple cluster of 3 ‘crows’ is just right, I feel, to add a little detail to my harvest landscape. In fact I was surprised not to see any birds gleaning the lost grain after this barley was harvested!


The white Cosmos below doesn’t quite work for me but it does allow me to demonstrate one of the most populated bird overlays available with this App.


All images were taken with the native camera and composed on my iPhone 6+

If you’ve got some favourite Apps please feel free to share them here…………..


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