Lacock Abbey, Fox-Talbot And The First Photographic Negative

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William Henry Fox-Talbot, 1st Negative Window_William Henry Fox-Talbot infoI recently had an enjoyable day out in the village of Lacock, Wiltshire. The entire village is owned by the National Trust.

The main attraction is Lacock Abbey, once the home of William Henry Fox-Talbot, the inventor of the first photographic negative. It’s an attractive place to visit even without this connection and there is a small museum/display about the development of photography forming part of the ticket office.

A more modern claim to fame for this property is that it has featured in two Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter info, Lacock AbbeyHarry Potter, Lacock Abbey


Room, Lacock Abbey


With this image thro’ the columns I just couldn’t leave the room because of the wonderful mellow light.

Cloisters, Lacock Abbey


The grounds are pleasing too and on my way back into the village I encountered this curiosity……………

The Light Umbrella info, Lacock AbbeyLight Umbrella2The Light Umbrella, Lacock AbbeyNot the easiest thing to turn, but quite fascinating and well worth the effort.

Since effort stimulates appetite it was off into the village in search of refreshment. Continuing the photographic pioneers theme, I chose the Sign Of The Angel Inn, which is a location featured in the novel ‘Caught In The Light’ by Robert Goddard.

A book I thoroughly enjoyed some years ago, written by a very talented and rightly bestselling author who I had the pleasure of listening to and talking with, some while ago.


Sign Of The Angel inn, Lacock

As you can see from the photo below, it wasn’t a disappointment and I had the pleasure of looking through a book, in a sale, in the NT bookshop!

Cream Tea in Lacock


The only frustration of the day was not that it was fairly busy, but that naturally residents park outside their properties and this makes it impossible to get “whole building” shots!

But overall, a cracking day out………


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