Life Can Be As Fleeting As A Butterfly’s Visit To A Flower

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Culture, Mindfulness, Nature, Photography

2 butterflies and a bumble bee on same flowerFeeling thoughtful today, so I’ve decided to share some conclusions I have come to over fifty eight years of life (in no particular order):

  • Never, ever, take laxatives and sleeping pills at the same time
  • Other people can put you down only if you let them
  • Love yourself. You’re all you’ve really got.
  • Helping others makes you feel good about yourself
  • Everything has a price/consequence, so think it through and decide whether or not you’re prepared to pay/deal with it.
  • You can achieve a lot more than you ever think you can
  • Never trust an advert or a politician
  • Just because someone has said it or written it, doesn’t guarantee it’s true or factually correct. Double checking things can save you a lot of time and angst
  • Hanging out with people who are good at stuff will stretch you for the better
  • Other car drivers do not have a crystal ball and don’t necessarily have your reaction speeds. They may also believe that you have a crystal ball. Always drive as if they are out to get you
  • Never cycle dressed in black unless you are feeling suicidal
  • Never believe you fully understand a woman. It’s a trap. They are a different species.
  • SatNav was designed by Satan – be careful
  • Accept that all technology is obsolete almost from the moment you buy it
  • God has a wicked sense of humour
  • Time is our most precious resource. Use it accordingly!
  • Money is best treated as a means not an end
  • Whether or not something is good or bad is often just a matter of perspective
  • Very often, what goes around comes around
  • The greatest gifts often have no price tag
  • The population of the world plus it’s aspirations greatly exceed the planet’s resources.
  • BMW drivers are an alien species hellbent on wiping out mankind
  • A good curry is a gift from God
  • Actions are more meaningful than words
  • I’ve never heard of anyone who, on their deathbed, said they wished that they had spent more time at work
  • If you can earn a living out of doing something you truly love doing, then you will never work a day in your life
  • The only constant is change and the pace of change is ever quickening
  • When what you think, say and do are in harmony, then contentment usually follows
  • I can ‘reset’ my technology from a chair but to ‘reset’ my mind and body I have to go deep into Nature
  • Being a good friend to others seems to enable you to find good friends
  • We must treat this world well. It was not given to us by our parents, but lent to us by our children
  • A good bicycle is one of mankind’s greatest inventions, though I suspect hills were one of God’s little jokes
  • The most important time in your life is right now. We can’t alter the past and who knows what the future my bring. But you can have a massive impact on NOW, if you want to….

If any of these strike a chord or help anyone then I’ll be glad I made the effort.



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