Storm Clouds Gather

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Cycling, Nature, Photography, Weather

Approaching Storm Over The New Forest

Took my bicycle out into the New Forest, the other night, and was amazed to see this cloud formation to the west, on my return. The surprise was because I was cycling east at the time.

I was so tired/unobservant when packing my bike back into the car, that I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for a guy who pulled up across the road, got out with his camera and started taking some shots. I was sat in the car, having a drink at the time, and couldn’t figure out why he was taking shots of distant trees in the gloom. I then thought SKY?, lent forward and saw this cloud formation!

Well that was it, out the car with only my iPhone 6, trying to do my best in capturing this amazing sky. So tricky, trying to capture such a vast 3D canvas onto a tiny 2D sensor. Best hope I thought was this attempt in panorama mode.I don’t think I’ve ever been outside under a sky like this before. I hope it conveys something of the atmosphere for you. Sadly, I couldn’t record the extraordinary smell of moisture in the air……………..


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