An Inspired Purchase

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I know, I know, I seem to have have gone posting crazy today, but its a catch up session if you like? Maybe its the new spec’s… I can see more clearly now!

I was up in London recently, so popped along to Foyle’s Bookshop. My first visit since their refurbishment. Very modern and a good cafe, but probably at the cost of fewer books on shelves, sadly.

An enjoyable & worthwhile visit though. I must confess that I don’t normally buy books at full price as I’m a fan of on-line shopping or ‘special offers’.

BUT the big problem is the ability to have a serious browse through the book you fancy before buying. Sure sometimes you can search inside, a little, on Amazon etc., or return it if you don’t like it.  That seems a bit of a kerfuffle though, when you have the item in your hand (see how I’m rationalising my ‘must have it now’ feelings).

Anyway, bought it after a thorough vetting and have found it both interesting and inspiring both as a ex-trainer and even more so as a photographer! I’ve found enough inspiration/ideas/projects to keep me going for years. Recommended to photography teachers and students alike.

This quotation from the inside cover describes perfectly how I often feel……….

Thank God for real bookshops!

Would love to hear from you about anything similarly inspiring you’ve come across………..


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