A Better Year

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Goal Setting

ROMSEY FLOODS 2014219Thinking back to the weather last January & February, I’m hoping for something different this year.

Although we can’t directly influence the weather, there are many things we can we can influence in our lives. Hence the tradition of New Year Resolutions. Despite being able to set goals/resolutions any time of the year, this point in the calendar works well as a time to review the year gone and make some changes going forward.

I like to analyse what went well:

  • what led to that outcome – what worked well and what didn’t?
  • how can I make sure I keep doing the things that work?

Then I use the same approach with what didn’t go so well:

  • what parts of it worked well and what didn’t?
  • with hindsight was it a realistic goal?
  • did my Depression or Diabetes affect the outcome?
  • did it turn out to be not that important to me after all?
  • can I/do I want to continue working towards it this year?
  • If yes, what can I try differently?

(I like to do this bearing in mind the following pearl of wisdom from Albert Einstein:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”)

So, to anything brought forward from last year, I then add any goals that are new for 2015 using the following process, quite quickly:|

  1. Brainstorm all possible goals without any evaluation
  2. Prioritise with the following ‘filters‘- what will achieving this mean for me/others? – if I had to give up some of these which would they be? – do some of these lead to others?
  3. Realistically, do I have too many left on my list?

Once I’m happy with my list, I then take each one through the S.M.A.R.T. planning tool. Please click on this link


Don’t forget, any goal may need reviewing, amending or replacing during the year.


One of the most disabling symptoms of Depression involves memory. No matter how determined I am to remember to keep working towards my goals, I often forget. This is where I find sticking post-it notes, in places I always see on a day to day basis, really helps. On them, what needs doing and why it’s important to me!

Alarms on my iPhone can help except if I’m busy trying to concentrate on something (another major problem area) then they just don’t seem to register for more than a few seconds. If I can, I strive to do it immediately or else I know what happens!!

Asking others to prompt/remind me can also be very helpful – so long as they encourage and support you and DON’T NAG OR CAJOAL.

I’ve learnt to chip away at my goals and NOT beat myself up about it! If it’s a bad time to do something, as with any illness, reschedule.

Do not forget to praise yourself & celebrate your achievements great or small!


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