Iron Age Fort

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Ram at Danebury Hillfort

Please don’t run towards me!



Made a trip to Danebury Hillfort on a cold morning. I first came here in the mid seventies when Oxford University had an archeological dig going on. Findings are on display in a museum in nearby Andover. Ever since, this has been one of my favourite places. Visit during the week and you can be the only one here. Views extend across miles of flat farmland in all directions and I can certainly see why the inhabitants chose this spot. Quite a lot of two of the ramparts/rings remain, remarkable considering its age and exposure to the elements. I think a lot of this is down to the dozens of beech and other trees that have held the chalky ground together.

At present the area outside of the fort is grazed by four Exmoor ponies, a conservation species of which only a few thousand remain wild on Exmoor. The inner area, where the roundhouses & storage pits etc. were located, is currently grazed by a flock of sheep, as depicted above. I’ve no idea what breed they are but i’m looking into it!

The walk up from the surrounding landscape is quite a long and steep drag. I certainly would not want to have to carry all my food, water et al up to the fort everyday! But then security comes at a price. The advantage of having such a view in all directions, of anyone approaching, cannot be over-stated.

This site is also known for its good number of wild juniper bushes. Quite a rarity I understand. And no I’ve never been tempted to distill my own gin! In addition, the variety of wild flowers through the seasons is fantastic!

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