Month: December 2014

Winter Arrives!

Awoke to a terrific hoar frost. All the trees looked as if they had been dipped in sugar. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when going out so had to make do with my iPhone. Still, rather than trying to capture a whole landscape I decided […]

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Iron Age Fort

Made a trip to Danebury Hillfort on a cold morning. I first came here in the mid seventies when Oxford University had an archeological dig going on. Findings are on display in a museum in nearby Andover. Ever since, this has been one of my […]


Tete A Tate

Well if I wanted a contrast to Monday, I sure managed it on Tuesday! In a moment of great spontaneity, I decided to take the train up to London and visit a photography exhibition at the Tate Modern. Taking the train was something I’d not done […]

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