If You Go Down To The Woods Today………

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Steaming log

A Steaming Log

Do you like my hat?

Do you like what I’ve done with my hair?

Fallow deer catching a few rays

Fallow deer catching a few rays.

Yes! At last a day of blue sky and sunlight!

So I seized the opportunity to spent a couple of hours out in the Forest. Great timing as there were far more animals than people.

Having spent the morning allowing medical students to interview me about my Depression etc. this was certainly a welcome contrast.

I couldn’t decide on one photo so just had to go with three. The steaming log was in the same location as the adorned wild pony.

The Fallow Deer (a species introduced by the Romans) spend most of their time within an enclosure which excludes humans, ironically right in front of a cottage which presumably houses a nature warden. There were probably around fifty to sixty of them enjoying the sunshine – just like me!

The trees in this part of the forest are a mixture of ornamental and native species. They appear to be at least a century old. Most are truly magnificent.

As I gazed upon one old oak in particular, I was reminded of a poem by Felix Dennis:

Place A Mirror By A Tree

Place a mirror by a tree;

Tell me now, what do you see?

Which of you will feed the earth?

Which of you contains more worth?

Which of you with sheltering arm

Keeps a thousand things from harm?

Which of you is nature’s bane?

Which is Abel? Which is Cain?

Which of you is God’s delight?

Which of you a parasite?

Place a mirror by a tree;

Tell me now – what do you see?

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