Tis The Season To Be Berry……

Just a couple of autumn fruit shots as we move closer to winter. The first two images were shot at a local arboretum and the black & white hydrangea head in my own garden. With  adequate watering, this plant really thrived in our extremely hot […]


Butser Ancient Farm

Rethatching an Iron Age roundhouse. Not something you get to watch every day! A stunning Anglo-Saxon house. What a fabulous place to visit. Beautiful location with a stunning range of authentically recreated buildings. My wife and I took our 6 year old grandson here recently […]

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Backlit Beauty

Today’s mid- September sunshine is ideal for some backlit leaves and flowers. Getting the desired exposure can be a challenge but I’ve been able to create what I wanted to. The details and richness of colours and textures are, I find, quite fascinating. It’s like […]


Arles 2018

Visited Arles briefly this summer and discovered a lovely little gallery. Couldn’t run to one of Claire’s wonderfully framed images but bought one of these lovely little tote bags. She also gave me a couple of postcards depicting images of China, one of which became […]

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Images Of France

The main purpose for my recent visit to Provence was to see lavender fields in their prime.  These fields were near Sault. It was so quiet all I could hear was the cicadas in the trees and the bees on the lavender. It was searingly […]


Plant Life Cast In Stone

Recently had a new patio laid in Indian Sandstone, mint. Some of the slabs have the most wonderful fossils of plants, roots or seaweeds, I’m not sure which, but they are an added bonus as far as I’m concerned! They were constantly whispering “Peter grab […]

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Loss Of My Little Buddy…..

I’m sad to announce the sudden passing of my little companion. After all he’s been through in the last year, recently, he had a condition diagnosed as haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis. We thought he was pulling through ok, but then he crashed and we had to do […]

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A Hard To Find Favourite Flower

If there is one plant that loves my soil and situation and never has a problem with bugs or diseases, it’s the Hardy Geranium. I’m building up a more varied collection at present, but I cannot find my favourite variety, Ann Folkard. Sure I can […]

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Controlling Your Background

Been planning some botanical images recently but most of my time and energy has gone into maintaining the garden, adding to the planting and most of all, preparations for the new larger patio. To be honest, I’ve been physically wrecked and ending up in hospital […]


My Little Warrior

This is an image of my best friend, Reilly the Border Terrier, taken just before the recent removal of his right eye. He is completely blind in this image following a failed cateract operation last year. Unfortunately, inflammation following surgery to replace his foggy lenses […]

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