The Kestrel & The Hawks

A couple of images following your kind comments about my previous post. This Red-Tailed Hawk was having a bit of an issue with a twig. A Harris Hawk swooping down out of a tree. The beautiful little female Kestrel above, was finding her  balance in a gusting […]

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A Beautiful Bird On My Arm

A birthday gift from my wife was a day of learning about and photographing raptors and ended with the opportunity to hold this beauty! Not sure which was the more nerve-wracking, holding the Eagle Owl or allowing someone I didn’t know to use my camera!! A […]


My Best Friend & Companion…

..has just had a double cataract operation to try and save his eyesight! So far so good, though not how I wanted to mark my sixtieth birthday. He developed glaucoma in his left eye on the day of my party and I’ve been worried sick ever […]

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Life’s A Beach!

Amazing weather one morning at Lepe Country Park on the Hampshire coast. Lovely calm sea, warm sunshine with the Isle of Wight looming out of the mist…..magical. My little mate Reilly even paddled in the sea…..  


Orchids at Kew

A few photos from a recent visit to the orchid house at Kew. Some stunning flowers but a bit too crowded for relaxed viewing. But you can’t have everything in life!


Desperate For Spring

What with the bitterly cold easterly wind and flurries of snow, I am most definitely desperate for Spring to arrive! In an attempt to kid myself it’s imminent, I’ve started  gardening indoors. There’s two varieties  of seed potatoes in one windowsill, sprouting. Red Duke Of York, […]

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A Winter’s Tale

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Entirely due to the weather and the inertia of my Depression in winter. I was once likened to a grizzly bear, to my wife, by my then consultant. My wife agreed with the analogy! I like to believe […]

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Banishing The Winter Blues

Yesterday was definitely one of those days when, despite the lack of daylight, despite the cold, I just had to get out into a natural environment or go mad! The New Forest seemed an obvious choice and I was disappointed! Very, very few people and […]


The Magic Of The Marshes

One of two Little Egrets I saw. Dark-Bellied Brent Geese in flight Thursday – Despite an early morning temperature of -7C I ventured down to Farlington Marshes on the Hampshire coast. Mercifully, there was barely a breath of wind, not a cloud in the sky […]


Up Close & Impersonal

Decided to test out my new auto extension tubes and focussing rail today! Great fun, BUT you don’t half need a steady hand! It’s great getting in real close. Fascinating. But trying to adjust focus is a real challenge. Trouble is I don’t have the steadiest […]


The Fuchsia’s Bright

Well purple and mauve in this case! I’ve got a whole raft of Fuchsias still flowering. They didn’t even shed their leaves last winter due to the mild temperatures. Something I’ve never experienced before. This one is my favourite colour combination so it got centre […]


Autumn Colours Are Here At Last!

At last, the leaves have started to turn this week, here in southern Hampshire, and stunning they are too! The first image is of a large-leafed climber that cloaks our garage. The range of colours in these large leaves is amazing. Sadly they drop quite quickly […]